Social acceptability of transgenders

Being an overthinker and an introvert, I often talk to myself for hours and try to analyze things which disturbs me. One of the things which hit me most is the behavior of our society towards transgenders. Have you ever thought, how they feel, how they suffer, how they live and how they die?

Pakistan’s transgenders mocked by most, abhorred by many

Just close your eyes for few seconds and think that a complete human; two arms, two legs, two eyes, a heart and a brain, feelings, emotions, dreams and desires, just like others they have family, siblings, relatives and society. Everything like a normal human but just because their gender is not clear, they suffered a lot. They are rejected by birth by their family, by people around themselves, by society and everywhere they go.

Transgender protesting for their rights

We live in 21st century, where humans are trying to make robots with emotions but still don’t care about human’s emotions. They are normal human just like us but why we are not ready to accept them. Narrow-minded, orthodox, conservative; these are the words perfectly fits for us; so-called modern men. Beauty is measured by fair color now. We all use a very common word ‘modern’ and take it as compliment but just observe this word for 2 sec. By wearing some inappropriate cloths; promoting other’s culture, waking up till morning, sleeping late at night, by speaking some words of English, we can’t be a modern. To me the person who know his values, who know how to speak and where to speak and what to speak, how to communicate with others considering their feelings no matter what language they are using is a modern person, who knows the importance of his culture, who treats everyone equally is a modern person. So, trying to do so many things to be called as modern but not doing something that really make us a human is just making us double-faced.

Returning towards main topic, I just want to see a society with acceptability where everyone is acceptable as they are. I just want to see a third column in gender section of any document whether it is of admission in any educational institute, medical document of any small clinic or a big hospital, any private or government sector, jobs or markets, everywhere accept them as they are because they are different in their manner because the thing that makes you different makes you beautiful…

Pakistan’s first transgender anchor

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