Time, one of the tangled mysteries, everybody explains it according to himself but nobody is ever abled to find it, control it, or cease it. It allows you to met incidents and happenings. A gift from God to everyone that ‘this is your time to live’, do whatever you want…

It is so easy to look forward and plan about things ignoring little details, but if we look back after doing something, every single moment is carved into our minds. The same is the situation here at Amal Academy. …

‘Totkay’ is a word used in our common language for finding and implementing some short-cuts to get rid of a problem in no time and with available cheap resources. Similarly, Amal provided us a short magical 5 tips to grow personally and professionally. Here are those:

· Self-talk

· Get…

Syeda Tayyaba Bukhari

Mechatronics engineering student from UET Lahore. Joined Amal fellowship to polish skills.

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